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Utility-scale sources of wind energy can be harnessed with turbines.  These turbines are built in proximity to one another to form a wind farm that generates electricity for the grid.

About Us
SALKA is a renewable energy company focused on creating the energy of tomorrow by developing, constructing, operating and arranging financing for utility scale renewable energy projects. 

Over the last decade the SALKA management team has developed, constructed and arranged financing for 11 different utility scale wind farms and solar plants resulting in over 1,000MW of clean renewable energy located in both the United States and Canada.

Small solar energy systems can provide electricity for homes, businesses, and remote power needs. Larger solar energy systems provide more electricity for contribution to the grid.

Hydropower technologies use flowing water to create energy that can be captured and turned into electricity.

Biomass technologies break down organic matter to release stored energy from the sun to produce electricity.

Biofuels are liquid or gaseous fuels produced from biomass. Most biofuels are used for transportation, but some are used as fuels to produce electricity

Geothermal technologies use the clean, sustainable heat from the Earth to generate electricity.

"Our strength is not only that we can deliver innovative solutions to some of the most challenging development and financing problems that renewable energy projects face today, but that we do this by carrying out development in a respectful and responsible manner that puts communities first. It’s this combination that allows for renewable energy projects to qualify for financing and ultimately to get built"

Chief Executive Officer
Jiddu Tapia