Over 80 Years of Combined Wind Development Experience

Michael Kelly

Director of Operations

Mr. Kelly is the Director of Operations at Salka LLC. Mike began his career in renewable energy in the 1980s when he joined an early wind turbine technology provider installing and operating some of the first wind turbines in California. In addition to wind technology and manufacturing roles, he has held leadership and executive roles in wind and solar engineering, construction, operations and asset management for Cannon Energy, Italian Vento Power, Enron Wind, Zilkha Renewable/Horizon Wind/EDPR Spinnaker Energy and Juvi Solar. Mr. Kelly is a two-time recipient of the Outstanding Achievement in Operations Award from the American Wind Energy Association and serves on industry advisory panels for the US Dept. of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Mr. Kelly serves in director and advisory roles on the boards of advanced technology companies. Mr. Kelly holds an AS in Electronics Technology from Grossmont College in San Diego, California.

Salke Energy specializes in delivering innovative solutions to some of the most challenging development and financing problems that renewable energy projects face today.